Can Hoarding Be Cured?


For those suffering from a hoarding disorder as well as those who love a hoarder, a common question exists: Can hoarding be cured? If so, how fast can it work?

It is completely understandable that those who are struggling as hoarders and those who love them will seek to find a solution to an issue that causes the disruption of daily life and the ability for an individual to operate a typical, thriving lifestyle. However, for those whose hoarding behaviors have moved from the occasional collection to an all-consuming behavior, curing of a Hoarding Disorder (HD) may require a bit more than simply an afternoon cleaning session.

In this article, we will break down an understanding of Hoarding Disorder, and take a look at mental health professional’s most common methods to help individuals suffering from HD find hope, healing, and freedom from their hoarding behaviors. 


Understanding Hoarding Disorder


Before healing can occur, it is important for all parties involved in the life of an individual who is dealing with a Hoarding Disorder to understand what the mental health illness is. 

Hoarding Disorder, once relegated to a sub-point below Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a pathological hoarding problem most commonly characterized by the desire to accumulate and store a large amount of items that are often seen by others are valueless and often considered “trash”. 

Due to a variety of underlying mental health issues, the hoarding of items can increase to a point that the individual is unable to take part in daily activities or live a productive, thriving life. They may find themselves withdrawing from social interactions with others, and their close friends and family may find it difficult to be near their friends who are suffering from a Hoarding Disorder. 

As more and more individuals come forward displaying the characteristics of Hoarding Disorder, the mental health illness has now moved into its own category in the latest clinical diagnostic manual – including its own diagnosis and treatment protocols. 

Current Treatment For Hoarding Disorder


Like many mental health issues, there is no immediate “cure” for a hoarding disorder. Instead, mental health professionals will seek healthy and consistent ways to aid individuals suffering from a Hoarding Disorder begin to walk a path toward freedom from their hoarding behavior.

Some mental health professionals may attempt to add a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) medication to an individual’s daily regimen to see if the medication allows an individual to achieve a mental state that cognitive therapy and counseling can help break the strongholds of hoarding behaviors. Others may seek to utilize cognitive-behavior therapy methods to help someone struggling with HD work through their emotions and triggers that contribute to the hoarding behaviors – similarly to how they may work with individuals suffering from OCD and anxiety disorders. 

While mental health professionals have made great strides toward helping those with HD find hope and healing from their behaviors, the process is still in the early stages, and will likely continue to evolve over time. Most importantly, the continued attention to HD is allowing for the increase of research and the development of treatment plans for HD. As with many mental illnesses, the issues underlying a hoarding disorder will likely remain with an individual for much of their life, and rather than attempt to cure the issue, a trained counselor or therapist will work to help an individual manage their symptoms and behaviors. 



Hoarding Counselling

Start The Journey To Healing With My Inclusion


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