NDIS Support & Coordination

Harnessing expertise to guide, support, and empower individuals on their NDIS journey

Support & Coordination with My Inclusion

My Inclusion goes beyond just administrative assistance. We understand the intricacies of the NDIS and are dedicated to helping individuals maximise the benefits of their plan. Our approach is holistic, ensuring that every participant not only understands their plan but also knows how to effectively utilize it for their betterment.

a man working as an NDIS support coordinator in melbourne helping an elderly woman

A Comprehensive Hand for Every Need

Whether you’re a new NDIS participant feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of the system or a seasoned participant looking to optimize your plan, our Support & Coordination services are tailored to meet your unique needs.

How Different We Can Help With Support & Coordination

  • We demystify the NDIS process, ensuring you understand every aspect of your plan.
  • We help you connect with the right service providers, fostering strong and beneficial relationships.
  • From scheduling to feedback, we ensure that your services are delivered seamlessly.
  • Our guidance empowers you to take charge of your NDIS journey, promoting autonomy and confidence.
  • We advocate for your inclusion in the community, ensuring you have access to all the opportunities available.
Melbourne NDIS support coordinator

How It Works?

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A Streamlined Journey to navigate NDIS


We start by understanding your unique situation, needs, and goals.

Personalized Plan

Based on our consultation, we craft a tailored NDIS support and coordination plan for you.


With our guidance, you'll navigate the NDIS system, connect with service providers, and optimise your plan.

Why Choose Us for Support & Coordination?

At My Inclusion, our specialist coordinators understand the challenges and opportunities of the NDIS. We work within informed principles, focusing on empowering you to make the most of your NDIS plan. Our partnerships with various service providers ensure that you get the best services tailored to your needs.

Voices of Empowerment

two women enjoying therapeutic gardening in a melborune back yard

Navigating the NDIS was a daunting task for me until I found My Inclusion. Their Support & Coordination services have been a game-changer. They’ve not only helped me understand my plan but also ensured I get the most out of it. Highly recommended!

James A


NDIS Support coordinator

The team at My Inclusion is truly exceptional. Their personalised approach made me feel understood and valued. With their guidance, I’ve been able to connect with the right service providers and truly optimise my NDIS benefits

Sophia L


Therapeutic Gardening in Melbournea

I was overwhelmed with the complexities of the NDIS system, but My Inclusion came to the rescue. Their continuous support and expert guidance have empowered me to take charge of my journey. I can’t thank them enough for their dedication and expertise

Michael T


Ready to Navigate the NDIS with Confidence?